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Hula hooping is healthy with our weighted hula hoops, and it's easy and fun!
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See video below of Chicagoan walking and laughing hard while Hula Hooping in a park in Chattanooga Tennessee.
Eating Ice cream while she's hula hooping-Is that her secret?
Curves-Wauconda, IL

Health, May 9, 2008

Hula Hooping is Healthy

By Deborah K. Finley

Help yourself to some fun that's healthy for your body, mind, and spirit. At Mayo Clinic's website, a question is raised with the article, "Weighted Hula Hoops: Exercise gimmick or good idea?" Doctors are giving hooping a thumbs up. Cardiovascular benefits while burning calories and having fun are just a few of the many benefits.

Hooping 10 minutes a day can take away 2 inches from your waistline in a month. If you think you can't do it because you could never keep up the regular original hula hoops, you're wrong. Even the most uncoordinated person can learn to hoop with our weighted hoops.
Though it might sound hard to believe, using our weighted hula hoop is much easier to use versus the light weight original plastic ones which are impossible for most of us to keep up.

As seen in the pictures the hoop is padded and has ridges
like a steering wheel providing comfort, massage, and inch loss.

While it's fun, and liberating, it also makes you laugh and feel like a kid again. The book of Proverbs says," Laughter is like a medicine and marrow to your bones." Science agrees that laughter makes blood vessels work more efficiently and produces the natural feel-good endorphin hormones, which can help reduce stress, aid relaxation and sleep, and produce a natural "high." Also the laughter-producing endorphins build up the body's immune system! Hoops have a long history. More than 3,000 years ago, children in Egypt played with large hoops made from grape vines and stiff grasses propelled along the ground with a stick or swung around the waist.

There are many benefits from hooping: Burns calories, builds core strength, clears and quiets mind, develops balance and coordination,inch loss, provides an intense cardiovascular workout, strengthens and tones entire body, especially the abdominal, back, legs, arms, and glutes while increasing flexibility. Increases energy, helps digestion by massaging your abdomen. Generates joy and laughter and laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers, it produces a general sense of
well being and increases vascular flow and boosts immune system.

On an average children laugh 400 times a day,
while adults laugh only 15 times a day.
Laughter is so good and we should be doing
more of it. According to Proverbs,
Laughter is like a medicine to us and marrow to our bones.
Science agrees: It reduces stress and releases endorphins
that can lower blood pressure, a major indicator
in heart disease, and has even been indicated in
the fight against cancer.
Experience the power of music & movement as you stretch
your body, relax your mind, and refresh your spirit.

Forget about the noise outside in the world while enjoying a moment of time for you.Many people say, since the hoops are padded and shaped like a big steering wheel, that it feels like it massages you as you hula hoop, so it feels good.

These weighted hula hoops are for men, women & children and come apart for the convenience of traveling/storage They also make a great gift!
Call Deborah today (847) 845-7560 or

She's saying it feels nice, like her back's being massaged! Wauconda, IL

She's saying she lost 2 inches already! And she's so good,
she's kept it going longer than anyone else!
Curves-Wauconda, IL

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